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Did I Wake Up in Wonderland?

Stories from the last handful of days leave me so dumbfounded that I can only come to the conclusion that I must have woken up in Wonderland, or on another planet, or in an alternate universe. Something has to explain the lunacy of these news stories; it can’t be that we’re just this dumb as a nation. Can it?

NAACP Mourns Loss of KKK Member Robert Byrd – “…[Byrd] went from being an active member of the KKK to a being a stalwart supporter of the Civil Rights Act…” Uh, no, NAACP, you better check the Congressional Record again. This racist Democrat filibustered the Civil Rights Act for 3 months in 1964 and voted against the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

70 Days Later, Obama Finally Accepts Foreign Help with Oil SpillHaving been offered assistance in the first week of the disaster by numerous countries, it took this imbecile TEN WEEKS to realize we might need some help on this one! You can’t make up that level of stupidity; you just can’t. This acceptance of assistance still doesn’t include the world’s largest oil skimmer from Taiwan. It sits in port in Louisiana because the EPA is afraid the water it puts back might still have some oil in it?!?!? Umm, oh never mind, that’s too ignorant for me to even comment on.

Venezuela Seizes U.S. Company’s Oil RigsRather than pay the $43 million they owe this American company, Hugo Chavez’s government is just taking their drilling rights and equipment, so far without compensation. The Obama administration is very upset about this abuse of American citizens and their financial interests – they’ve released a statement.

Academics Say Obama Better President Than Reagan – Forget that he’s only been on the job 18 months and has failed to accomplish anything, save ballooning the federal debt, or that he’s currently failing (heck, not even trying) to handle the largest ecological disaster this country has ever seen. Nope these nitwits are ready to declare him a top 15 President of all time. Now here’s the scary part – THESE PEOPLE TEACH!

Nancy Pelosi Says Unemployment Checks are Fastest Way to Create Jobs – “It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.” No, Nancy, it doesn’t, and anyone who’s taken 6th grade civics can explain why not to you so please ask!

Obama Says Borders Can’t Be Sealed“Our borders are just too vast for us to be able to solve the problem only with fences and border patrols. It won’t work.” Call me crazy, Mr. President, but I think we just might have been able to swing a fence for SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS! In fact, I bet some Americans would have appreciated the jobs building the fence and there might even have been a few bucks left over.
Unfortunately, I am on earth, and all of this ignorance happened in a single week in June, 2010. The lame stream media ignored the real stories here, and the American people continued to bury their heads in the sand while their country is yanked out from underneath them. Can you imagine what will be in next week’s news?

Pelosi: Unemployment checks fastest way to create jobs

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Appease Them To Death – Is That the Plan?

Barrack Obama’s latest comments on Iran are some of the most stunningly neive of his time in the national spotlight, and that is saying something. It has been clear all along, that this President believed appeasement to be an effective diplomatic strategy despite their being no historical evidence of that tactic ever being successful. But, today’s comments take the groveling to a whole new level of absurdity. During an interview with the BBC Obama said that Iran’s energy concerns are legitimate and that as a result, we should allow them to pursue nuclear energy as long as their intentions are peaceful.

Of course, their intentions aren’t peaceful as anyone paying attention to the rhetoric out of Iran’s president can clearly discern, but let us put that aside for the moment. It’s these “energy concerns” that have me baffled. Iran has 136 billion barrels of proven oil reserves making it the 3rd richest oil nation in the world and 991 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves or the 2nd most of any nation in the world. I knew this already, but confirmed this information here, and it took me less than 5 minutes. How then does the President of the United States say this,

What I do believe is that Iran has legitimate energy concerns…

Dan Quayle misspelled potato and we are still hearing about it from the left more than twenty years later. Stupid? Yes. Dangerous? Not like allowing Iran nuclear technology because they have “energy concerns”. A Republican would never, under any circumstances, get away with making such an imbecilic statement.

Since the Appeasement President came to power, the world has seen North Korea test long range missiles on almost a weekly basis, Iran push forward with its nuclear plans and grow exceedingly more belligerent toward Israel, Hugo Chavez seize the operations of U.S. corporations in Venezuela (of course, he’s just following our President’s example – after all Obama has all but seized GM and is now hinting at a takeover of Citigroup), and Cuba thumb its nose at reconciliation overtures from this White House. How’s that appeasement strategy working out for ya’?

It seems we will never learn? In 1938, appeasement governments in Britain and France gave Adolph Hitler’s Germany 1/3 of Checkoslovakia and allowed Germany to unify with Austria. They just gave it to him to keep him quiet! At the time, Germany was not yet strong enough militarily to win any wars (think Iran or No. Korea today), but through these acquisitions the Nazis gained better defenses, more natural resources, more young men to conscript into the army and most importantly, time to continue their military build up. Why did Britain and France do this? Because Hitler “promised” to commit no further acts of aggression. I’m not kidding, they took his word for it! One year later, Germany invaded Poland setting off a World War that would result in tens of millions of deaths.   It seems my college history professor was right, those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it (and not just academically). Appeasement was  a losing strategy in 1938, and it is a losing strategy in 2009.

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