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Carbon Emissions – the Whole Story

Al Gore calls it an Inconvenient Truth, but I would say the global warming, carbon emissions, cap and trade situation is a Complicated Truth. Any one of these topics would be hard to delve into in a single blog entry or even in several entries, but I will point you to this article which is a compelling look at the complexities of the issues – Bound to Burn by Peter W. Huber. If you are looking for a common sense, honest analysis of these difficult topics, here it is.

Mr. Huber explains the real truth, that China, India and other developing nations are not going to be convinced to cease the burning of fossil fuels and thus impede their rapid advancement out of poverty. Not even to “save the planet”. If Democrats persist in placing extreme regulatory limits on carbon emissions in this country the resultant job migration overseas will make us look back longingly to the “outsourcing” job migration of the last 10 years. I might add, that when cap and trade is coupled with the current administration’s plans to raise corporate tax rates, every employer in America that has the ability will have all the reason they need to take their operations and the associated jobs overseas.

Likewise, the $40 trillion in oil under the Middle East is coming out of the ground. If you think it isn’t, I beg you to explain to me how a few sheiks, who hate us to begin with, will be convinced to give away $40 trillion by not drilling that oil. Of course, that’s rhetorical because there is no way that will happen.

Simple logic tells us that 1 billion people in developed nations cutting their carbon emissions, while the other 5 billion people on this planet are increasing their emissions rampantly, is not a formula for solving this problem and will only put those people doing the cutting at a huge competitive disadvantage. Bottom line this is a much more complex issue than the politicians make it out to be, and certainly too complex for Henry Waxman  to cram comprehensive climate change legislation through Congress in less than 30 days.

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Do You Believe Your Own Theory or Not Al?

If Al Gore believes so strongly in his global warming theory (and make no mistake, it is nothing more than a theory!) then why are he and House Democrats afraid to openly debate the subject? After inviting Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Thatcher, to testify alongside the former Vice President, Democrats chickened out. When Lord Monckton’s flight from England landed in the U.S. this morning he was told he’d been scratched from the witness list. Gee guys, thanks for the notice!

It seems odd to this humble citizen that these progressive, open-minded, tolerant individuals in the majority would not want to hear an opposing view, of which there are many, before they begin re-writing the entire U.S. energy policy based on Gore’s imaginary science. Of course, as we’ve seen, they are only progressive, open-minded and tolerant when you agree with them. Just ask Miss California!

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The Dinosaurs Must Have Been Driving Hummers!

Now with a title like that you are probably thinking, “He has lost it this time”, but I promise, the marbles are still in there. A new study published in the journal Nature shows that the oceans rose as much as 3 meters in a matter of decades the last time the Earth was between ice ages. It goes on to predict the same fate could befall us in the coming years with devastating consequences to coastal areas.

So, call me crazy, but here is my question… Were the Dinosaurs driving too many Hummers? Did they have too many coal powered electric plants? Perhaps they weren’t recycling their plastic bottles? Maybe it was that they left lights on when they weren’t in the room or that their plasma television used too much electricity?

For those who stumbled upon this post and don’t understand sarcasm 101, let me spell it out for you. Al Gore and friends claim we are killing our planet by driving cars, heating homes, not recycling, etc. Funny thing though, it turns out this global warming thing has happened before. Now here’s the catch – human beings were not even on the planet! Think about that, let it really sink in; it happened without us! Like the Grinch said when he tried to steal Christmas, “It came, it came just the same!”

One hundred and twenty thousand years ago, the earth’s ice caps melted, and its oceans rose. This was followed by an ice age which ended with the most recent warming cycle which we are now living in. All of this happened without any influence from mankind. So the next time someone gives you a dirty look for throwing away a plastic bottle, just tell them you’re pretty sure T-Rex didn’t drive an H1.


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