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Nothing Better To Do?

In an apparent admission that they have nothing better to do (something many of us have known for quite some time), the U.S. Senate is holding hearings on how the NCAA picks it’s national champion in college football. I know it sounds like I must be making this up, but unfortunately, I’m all too serious. Still can’t believe it, view the press release; the Anti-Trust Subcommittee has listed this crucial topic of grave national concern (he said with dripping sarcasm) as one of the handful of issues they intend to hold hearings on during this session of Congress. While most fans of college football would agree that the current system is far from ideal, U.S. Senate hearings are the last thing we need.

Frankly, I would just as soon they not hold hearings on any issues, including the important ones, since everything this government touches turns into a larger more expensive government run program sucking the life out of the U.S. economy, but if they are determined to do something this year, perhaps they could make it something the slightest bit relevant to the management and protection of our country!

Senators, please do something, anything, to earn your keep.  Here’s a hint… This isn’t it!


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