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They Are For It, After They Were Against It?

To hear Democrats, and particularly the President, tell it, we must raise the debt ceiling immediately and to do anything other than raise it $2.4 trillion no questions asked, is “dangerous”, “irresponsible”, “risky”, “playing with fire”, etc. Mr. Obama went so far as to pull out the old liberal stand-by, i.e., scare the old people,  telling them Social Security checks may not go out if this isn’t done immediately.

Whoa, hold on a minute. Did the President of the United States just threaten citizens with taking away their own money? Haven’t we been told our whole lives that Social Security is a trust fund? You mean they can just not give our money back to us if they don’t want to? Hmmm, no conservative has ever warned you about that have they? Don’t worry, seniors, this is an idle threat. Social Security wouldn’t be the first, tenth or probably fiftieth thing cut if/when the government runs out of money. But the fact that he said it ought to really give America pause. That is if we were listening.

Back to the pending doom of not raising the debt ceiling. Interestingly, in 2006, all 45 Democratic Senators, including then Senator Obama, voted against raising the debt ceiling. The increase being discussed then was a paltry $780 billion, but today when raising it more than 3 times that amount is on the table, they would have you believe it is a mere formality and conservatives are being silly to hold it up. Heck, the President has gone so far as to say not raising it would be irresponsible. Really, Mr. President? Then what the hell were you and your cronies up to in 2006?

According to Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid in 2006:

“Any objective analysis of our country’s fiscal history would have to conclude this administration and this rubber-stamping Republican Congress are the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of our country. In fact, no other president or Congress even comes close.”

Here’s more of his rhetoric from way back… ooops, just five years ago:

Oh Harry, what’s that expression about the pot calling the kettle black? So, in 2006 Republicans were being irresponsible for raising the debt ceiling $800 billion, and today they are being irresponsible for not raising it TWO point FOUR TRILLION! I guess Democrats got their John Kerry impersonation mixed up and they are for it after they were against it.

The country is fiscally doomed and this kind of “leadership” is exactly why.

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Vote Here – No ID Required

Yesterday the Governor of North Carolina vetoed a bill requiring photo IDs be shown in order to vote.  This is the fourth such veto this year (Missouri, Minnesota and Montana are the other states) all by governors who happen to be Democrats. Now I simply must ask, why would anyone be against people identifying themselves in order to vote? We show a photo ID to fly. We show a photo ID to pay for goods and services via credit card or check. We show a  photo ID to rent a video at Blockbuster for goodness sake! But to do the most important thing we do as citizens… Nope, no ID required!

For years now I’ve been telling my local polling place, and my town clerk, that the third name registered to vote and listed as residing at my wife’s and my address is not valid. For years I’ve been ignored and the name remains on the rolls. But for the fact that one of my neighbors volunteers at the polling place and might notice me voting twice, I could easily vote as both myself and the other name listed. I could certainly get a friend to come and say he’s that person – he’d get a ballot, no questions asked. For the record, I live in Massachusetts and if you want to get a scolding from a police officer, there’s no easier way to do so than to go to a Massachusetts polling place and ask why people don’t have to show their ID. For some reason the establishment gets very upset when confronted on this issue.

When asked about their reasons for opposing such common sense legislation, the left cites the possible disenfranchisement of potential voters. Really? How many people do you know who are 18 or older and don’t have any ID? They don’t drive? Don’t fly? Don’t apply for credit? Don’t go to a bar or buy alcohol or cigarettes? Don’t carry ID to show police if necessary? Who would fit that description? Illegal immigrants maybe? Oh, now I get it!

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Double Shock – Socialism Fails!

Following yesterday’s impressive news from Ford Motor Company of their $1 billion profit in the third quarter, one may have wondered how the two government run American automakers fared by comparison. The answer was not long in coming, as following immediately on the heels of Ford’s news was a very dire report that GM, Chrysler are struggling mightily, and that their eventual demise was very likely only briefly delayed by the government’s intervention including the wasting of $75 billion of the American taxpayers’ money.

Analysts quoted for the story agreed that both companies are far from profitability, are still at great risk of failure and are likely to need at least one if not multiple additional rounds of federal bailout funds in order to overcome their current predicament. Of course, the problem with this is the federal government has no money to invest, already owns a large percentage of these “dead” companies and would simply be throwing good money (taxpayer money) after bad.

In slightly more than 24 hours we have been reminded of the lesson we long since should have learned from watching the second half of the 20th century. Capitalism works; Socialism, Stateism, Fascism fail. For those who are slow learners, this lesson will continue to play out for years to come in the quarterly reports of Ford versus GM and Chrysler, of Geico versus AIG, of J.P. Morgan Chase versus Citigroup and on and on. if someone out there is still not convinced perhaps a review of the performance of Amtrak, the U.S. Postal Service or the Department of Education would clarify things for them. Despite monopolies in both passenger train service and mail service, the federal government can’t profitably run Amtrak or the post office! And since the federalization of the American education system our world ranking has declined at a statistical rate that borders on impossible.

The government has never, can’t now, nor will ever be able to successfully run anything. The sooner the American people get this fact through their collective heads,  the sooner priorities can be adjusted to getting government out of the way of business resulting in the best environment for the potential prosperity of the greatest number of Americans.

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Justice Dept. Says Democratic Voters Need Help Voting

In a stunning admission of their low opinion of their voting base’s intelligence, the Obama administration and its Justice Department admitted that their constituency is incapable of voting without the assistance of party affiliations on the ballot. With irony laced corruption so blatant it almost defies belief the Justice Department overruled the people of Kinston, North Carolina who voted overwhelmingly to do away with the party affiliation designation on the ballot. In doing so, Obama’s Justice Dept. has admitted that their constituency is too stupid to find and vote for the Democrat on the ballot without a “D” next to his or her name. Perhaps more intriguing is the thought that they appear to be suggesting that this same constituency lacked the intelligence to understand the question when they voted overwhelmingly to do away with the designations.

If you’re like me, you probably find it extremely unnerving that the federal Justice Department has the time and the inclination to involve itself in town elections law. Even more disturbing is the disgraceful justification they provide for their actions. Citing racial equality the Justice Department said partisan designations were necessary for black voters to elect their “candidates of choice”. In what possible way is it discriminatory against a particular group to remove party affiliations of all parties from the ballot? Notice the Justice Department did not suggest this action was discriminatory against Republicans, Caucasians, or any other group; further illustrating that they seem to believe the Democrats and/or the black voters of Kinston, North Carolina are lagging behind their Republican neighbors in intelligence.

It seems the Obama administration, and Democrats in general, are wise to the fact that they cannot win elections without the un-educated, uncommitted, partisan voter. A voter who will be rendered useless if party affiliations were removed from the ballot. This is disappointing as I have long contended that the ideal way to return America’s elections to genuine contests decided by informed voters would be to remove the party affiliation from all candidates at all levels on every ballot. No more walking into the voting booth and simply checking off all the names  with a “D” next to them or all the names with an “R” next to them. Instead, voters would have to know who they were voting for and presumably, why. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear this Justice Department or this administration is interested in fair elections where they would actually have to earn their votes.

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Oops, He Did It Again!

Perhaps this entry should more accurately be entitled, “Oops, They Did It Again!” since by a rough count this makes the 9th significant figure within the Democratic party to be caught cheating on their financial reports and/or taxes in the past 6 months, including SIX nominees of the Obama administration. But for today let’s focus on Representative Charlie Rangel (D – NY) who according to the New York Post has now admitted to failing to report to Congress $1.3 million in income and $3 million more in business transactions during the years 2002-2006.

The gut-wrenchingly hilarious irony is that Representative Rangel is the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and is therefore… wait for it… in charge of writing U.S. tax law. The man is cheating at the very rules he is responsible for writing and then claiming ignorance as a defense. One question that comes immediately to mind is if Chairman Rangel can’t seem to figure out the complicated tax code, how in the world is one of his poor constituents supposed to understand it and comply?

Of course, if the average citizen does fail to understand it and comply, he or she will pay huge penalties and interest at a minimum and risks jail time if the IRS decides the mistake was intentional, but good ol’ Charlie isn’t going to jail. Nope, instead, he gets to keep his Chairmanship writing tax law and his job for which the American taxpayers pay him $158,000 per year plus expenses.

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No, I Will Not ‘Be Exceedingly Careful’

Robert Gibbs is the one who needs to “be exceedingly careful” with what he says. Press Secretaries are supposed to answer questions on behalf of the White House not give ultimatums to critics of White House policy, judicial appointments or anything else. His outrageous comment today is intimidation politics of the worst kind, and something that is becoming all too familiar in this White House and by Democrats in general over the last 20 years. When they don’t like what their opponent is saying (or might say) the strategy they employ is to make the opponent look like a radical or worse to marginalize their view point. Don’t believe me; Miss California was absolutely crucified for having the exact same view point as BARRACK OBAMA!

Now Mr. Gibbs advises those opposed to Judge Sotomayor’s appointment to “Be exceedingly careful”. We’re sorry Mr. Gibbs, but part of the process of being nominated for the cabinet, the federal bench and certainly for the Supreme Court is that you get grilled in every conceivable way. Sometimes that process isn’t pretty or politically correct, and if Gibbs and this White House don’t realize that, they are even less experienced than we thought.

These appointments are for life, and the 9 people on that bench literally hold the country’s future in their hands. If Judge Sotomayor isn’t up to that challenge then she had better do us all a favor and withdraw right now. If she is up to it, then Robert Gibbs should shut up, read the news, and let the political process run its course.

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Sorry, Nancy, That Is Not How It Works

“I don’t have anything more to say about it. I stand by my comment.” With those words Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the third in the line of succession to the Presidency of the United States, attempted to simply brush aside her outrageous behavior in recent weeks. Apparently, if you are a Democrat in Washington you can call the CIA liars, say you weren’t aware of something that you were aware of and bash the opposition for a policy you raised no objection to; then when the press starts asking tough questions you simply say, “I don’t have anything more to say about it”. I imagine there are just a few Republicans wishing those were the rules by which they were allowed to play.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at politicians and the words that come out of their mouths. Nancy Pelosi actually believes that it should be up to her what questions the press will ask her and when. Of course, that is understandable as the ‘in the bag media’ has done nothing to contradict that view for years now.

After spending the last several years hammering the Bush administration for its policy surrounding waterboarding it turns out that Speaker Pelosi knew the tactic was being used the entire time and did nothing to stop it. That in and of itself would be bad enough, but then the Speaker went further saying the CIA was lying and that she didn’t know. Only now it has been proven that she did, so in the end, she was lying when she called the CIA ‘liars’.

This is the behavior that the Speaker of the House believes she can simply brush under the rug because she doesn’t feel like talking about it anymore. Sorry, Nancy, that’s not how it works. Even if your friends in the main stream media once again fail to perform their duty as reporters and let you off the hook, the rest of us will not.

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As California Goes…

Kudos to the voters of California who turned out yesterday and overwhelmingly rejected all 5 ballot initiatives that would have further leveraged the state’s fiscal future. In fact the only ballot initiative that passed (by a huge margin I might add) was Proposition 1F which makes it illegal for legislators to give themselves a pay raise when the state is struggling financially – now there’s some Common Sense!

So, what does this mean for California going forward? Put simply, it means they are in the kind of economic turmoil that this blog has been warning about for months. The kind of turmoil that was at the root of the Tea Parties back in April (despite the media’s idiotic attempt to tell you otherwise). The really bad kind of turmoil. Just read some of the highlights from this story by CBS’s Los Angeles affiliate (my emphasis added).

California’s chief banker said the state has been scraping by on loans and deferring payments for a decade.

The recession has revealed the depth of the structural imbalance between the revenue the state takes in and its spending obligations. Voters themselves are partly to blame, approving initiatives in years past that have created or expanded programs without identifying how to pay for them.

“One thing we do know is the voters’ wish list is a lot longer than the ‘I’m willing to pay for it’ list. People are going to have to rectify the two,” state Treasurer Bill Lockyer said.

As Carol Platt Liebau so effectively points out in her recent article, we can learn a lot from California. The state has legislated itself into a corner from which there may be no recovery topped by a $42 billion budget shortfall in fiscal year 2010 (yes, that’s billion with a “B”).  How did they get there? Some of the highest tax rates and most stringent business regulations in the country, extremely tough environmental standards that make it nearly impossible for business to operate profitably, rampant illegal immigration and a legislature who believed it was appropriate to spend the money of law abiding tax payers supporting those illegals, a teacher’s union that has become so powerful it practically runs the school system, and on and on.

Does any of this sound at all familiar? Here are a few hints straight from the Democratic Congress and President’s current agendas: Tax increases for the “wealthy”, Cap & Trade, immigration reform, the Employee Free Choice Act. California’s current crisis was brought on by an extremely progressive agenda; an agenda the Democrats in Washington now want to push on the entire country. Apparently they believe if it doesn’t work, just expand the program and the results will magically improve!

*Here’s another take from the Washington Times.

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What Was the Rush?

Remember when the Democrats and the Obama administration told us it was urgent that we pass the $787 billion stimulus bill? Remember the “emergency” that resulted in Congress voted on it after only 12 hours for Congressmen to read the 1,100 page bill? Remember when it was such a crisis, that President Obama felt he had to break his promise to the American people that he would not sign any legislation for 5 days to allow time for public comment? Those who urged caution or suggested hearings be held to determine the likelihood of the stimulus strategy succeeding were shouted down – there wasn’t time for that we were told.

Why then has this government only managed to spend 6% of that money in the 3 months since the bill’s passage? A mere $46 billion of the $787 billion stimulus package has gone into circulation. Proponents of the stimulus will say the money is coming, it just takes time to get in motion. Fine, point conceeded. But, that does not begin to speak to the point. If it was always the plan for it to take months for the stimulus money to enter circulation, what possible reason was there for rushing the 1100 page legislation with 9000 earmarks through Congres and across the President’s desk? Why couldn’t our leaders show a modicum of responsibility and honor? Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

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Medicare and Social Security Running Out of Money

2017. That is when the Medicare system will run out of money at the current pace. Eight short years from now the federal government will have to begin borrowing money (on top of all the money it is already borrowing) to pay for its obligations under Medicare. The Social Security picture seems practically rosey by comparison with 30 years of solvency remaining. But, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security on that front. Social Security is the single largest government expenditure next to Defense costing roughly $650 billion annually. When it goes insolvent, and it will, the magnitude of that problem will be staggering.

So then, it makes perfect sense that while the government can’t fund the obligations it has, we should add more un-fundable obligations to the books in the form of national health care, right? ‘Cause if any one of us had a mortgage we couldn’t afford to pay what we’d do is run right out and buy a second home with a price tag 10 times the size, right? Let’s have a little common sense people. Anyone with even the slightest ability to reason, should be able to take one look at the chart below and understand that the jig is up, the game’s over, or whatever other cliche’ you prefer.

federal spending

Note that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security spending alone will exceed TOTAL FEDERAL TAX RECEIPTS in roughly 40 years. Now imagine that we tack on a new program larger than all of those combined (yes I said larger than all of those combined!); where will that put us? It is time for this government, this administration, to put the brakes on its giddy spending spree and first see if they can even figure out how to fund their exisiting obligations before they go saddling the American people with more.

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