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Vote Here – No ID Required

Yesterday the Governor of North Carolina vetoed a bill requiring photo IDs be shown in order to vote.  This is the fourth such veto this year (Missouri, Minnesota and Montana are the other states) all by governors who happen to be Democrats. Now I simply must ask, why would anyone be against people identifying themselves in order to vote? We show a photo ID to fly. We show a photo ID to pay for goods and services via credit card or check. We show a  photo ID to rent a video at Blockbuster for goodness sake! But to do the most important thing we do as citizens… Nope, no ID required!

For years now I’ve been telling my local polling place, and my town clerk, that the third name registered to vote and listed as residing at my wife’s and my address is not valid. For years I’ve been ignored and the name remains on the rolls. But for the fact that one of my neighbors volunteers at the polling place and might notice me voting twice, I could easily vote as both myself and the other name listed. I could certainly get a friend to come and say he’s that person – he’d get a ballot, no questions asked. For the record, I live in Massachusetts and if you want to get a scolding from a police officer, there’s no easier way to do so than to go to a Massachusetts polling place and ask why people don’t have to show their ID. For some reason the establishment gets very upset when confronted on this issue.

When asked about their reasons for opposing such common sense legislation, the left cites the possible disenfranchisement of potential voters. Really? How many people do you know who are 18 or older and don’t have any ID? They don’t drive? Don’t fly? Don’t apply for credit? Don’t go to a bar or buy alcohol or cigarettes? Don’t carry ID to show police if necessary? Who would fit that description? Illegal immigrants maybe? Oh, now I get it!

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Newsflash, Arizona Doesn’t Border Mexico!

It is such a good thing that there is video footage of this, because without it, no one would believe a public official, in this case a Milwaukee County Supervisor, could possibly be this ignorant. Watch the video as Peggy West speaks in support of the City of Milwaukee boycotting Arizona. Her reasoning? Since Arizona doesn’t border Mexico it’s unreasonable of them to be complaining about a problem with too many illegals. Care to guess which party she’s with?

I assume that once she discovered her geographical error, having already committed herself that if a state like Texas that DID border Mexico felt this way, she would be compelled to reconsider her position, she voted against the boycott. Alas, that would be way too logical for someone this dense. I can only conclude with a sincere plea: If you are this stupid, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t run for public office; and to the electorate, if someone who couldn’t pass a 3rd grade geography quiz does manage to get on the ballot, in the name of all that is holy, don’t vote for them!

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Puerto Rican Statehood, Now Why Would Democrats Do That?

Having passed the wildly unpopular health care bill through all methods of chicanery, the Democratic leadership in Congress now wants to legalize 12-15 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. and force (more on that in a minute) the island of Puerto Rico with its population of 4 million to become the 51st state. This will result in 16-19 million additional uninsured Americans which the rest of us will immediately begin buying health insurance for; along with the full allotment of other welfare benefits, Social Security, Medicare, education, etc., etc., etc. Now why would the Democrats do that?

Well, this doesn’t take a rocket scientist to answer – 19 million mostly poorly educated, low wage earning, not politically savvy new citizens; I wonder which party they would vote for? But, in the case of Puerto Rico it gets even better. As you know, each state gets two Senators and Puerto Rico would immediately elect two more Democrats to that body. In the House of Representatives the seats are capped at 435 and divided among the states based on population. The redistributing would result in Puerto Rico gaining 7 or 8 seats and other states losing that number. Two new Senators and 7 – 8 House seats guaranteed to go to the Democrats; considering that 1 vote in the Senate and 3 in the House were the difference between passage and failure of Health Care reform it becomes immediately apparent the stakes we’re talking here!

But, here’s the best part… Puerto Rico doesn’t even want to be a state. The people of Puerto Rico have overwhelmingly voted against it 3 times, including twice in the 90’s. Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘Well what’s the problem then, they’ll just vote against it again’. If only it were that simple, but as James Simpson explains here, this time the game has been rigged and if HR 2499 passes it will push the citizens of Puerto Rico into a process that will virtually force statehood upon them. Even members of their own party don’t like their tactics on this one. Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez shares his opinion of the shenanigans here.

The Democrats can’t pass their agenda (Health Care, Cap ‘n Trade, etc.) without trampling on the Constitution to get around those pesky citizens. Now it looks like they will lose most if not all of their majority in Congress come November. They are running out of time, so they have settled on a new plan. Use the power they have for the next 6 months to manipulate the make-up of the future electorate to ensure their retention of or return to power. Nineteen million welfare addicted new voters should do the trick.

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American Sued by Illegal Aliens

You can’t make this stuff up! I wish it were made up, but it’s very real. This story is a few weeks old, but I am still so outraged by it that I can’t seem to let it go. The U.S. court system recently allowed 16 illegal aliens to sue an American citizen for “violating their civil liberties” while they were trespassing on his property in an attempt to illegally sneak into this country. I am dumbfounded. How the heck can you have civil liberties while in the act of committing at least two crimes, one of them federal?
I am convinced that the men who threw the tea into Boston Harbor in 1773, were they alive today, would storm the courthouse and quite possibly burn it to the ground.  And I must say, while I don’t advocate violence as the answer, they’d be quite reasonable to do so.  Our courts have thrown out all reason and any semblance of Common Sense in an effort to race each other to the bottom in the name of “progressiveness”.
The Government can’t manage to protect our border as thousands of foreigners “break in” to this country every night.  Many of them cross the property of private citizens on their way into the country and in the process often steal or cause damage to the property of American citizens.  This leaves these people with no choice but to attempt to defend themselves and their own property.
Ironic isn’t it?  The government refuses to do one of the very few things they are actually empowered to do (protect the borders and the citizenry) and then has the nerve to allow criminals to turn around and sue American citizens who were simply protecting themselves and their property.  Where does the insanity end?

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