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Terrorists Get All Expenses Paid Trip to Pacific Island

At a time when many Americans can’t afford the basics such as food or the mortgage let alone a luxury like an island vacation, the Obama administration is paying $200 million to send 17 Muslim detainees on a luxurious Pacific island get away. OK, not exactly, but the truth is not any better. In truth, , in its determination to close the detainee facility at Gauntanamo the Administration will be providing Palau with $200 milllion in aid (those are your tax dollars folks), and in exchange, Palau will take in the 17 Chinese Muslim detainees and allow them to take up residence on the islands. They will be free men, subject to periodic review by the Palau government. Washington Times Article

Meanwhile, the Chinese government considers these individuals criminals and wants them extradited back to their native land. Sending them back to China where they belong would be free for the U.S. taxpayer, but the Obama administration fears they may not be treated fairly by the Chinese government, and thus arranged this alternative plan. So, we have interfered in how China deals with its own people and spent another $200 million of the American tax payer’s hard-earned money to do it. $200 million this government will have to borrow of course due to this year’s record $1.8 TRILLION deficit.

This follows on the heels of reports that the Administration has also begun Mirandizing foreign fighters captured in the war on terror. Coming soon to a court room near you will be suspected terrorists hiding behind Constitutional protections designed for and promised only to American citizens. Interestingly, just a couple months ago, President Obama laughed this idea off saying it was, “ridiculous”!

Apparently, it wasn’t so ridiculous.


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