Anything To Stay In Power

Yesterday Senator Arlen Specter switched his political party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. This action was pure political cowardice and a perfect example of why politicians have, and deserve, such a bad reputation. Contrary to what Democrats and the media are trying hard to sell you, Mr. Specter did not switch parties for a change of heart on a key philosophical issue; he did not wake up yesterday and find himself at odds with Republicans; the Republican party is no more out of touch with the American people then the Democratic party. No, the Honorable Arlen Specter did this for one reason and one reason only; to stay in power – he likes being a U.S. Senator.

For the first 35 years of his life Specter was a Democrat, but in 1965 he switched parties in order to win an election as district attorney in Philadelphia. Now 44 years later the 79 year old is switching parties again, and for the same reason, to win an election. Apparently having been in the Senate for the last 29 years isn’t good enough for Mr. Specter and he’d like to win another 6 year term in the 2010 electionm, when he will be EIGHTY-ONE years old (87 by the time that term ends). However, he was facing stiff competition in the Republican primary from an actual Republican, Pat Toomey, and his pollsters told him he was going to lose. So Mr. Specter makes a deal and switches parties.

Arlen Specter is exactly what this country doesn’t need, a career politican with no interest except serving himself. In his near 30 years in the U.S. Senate he has quite famously accomplished virtually nothing. And now, approaching 80 years old, when Pennsylvania Republicans had finally gotten so sick of him they were preparing to exercise the people’s power and vote him out of office, he’s miraculously found his inner Democrat. Anything to stay in power a few more years.

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