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Uncle Sam Says No More On-line Poker

Friday, the FBI shut down the internet gaming sites FullTiltPoker.net, PokerStars.net and AbsolutePoker.com citing a 2006 law passed by Congress making internet gambling illegal.

Many may say that they don’t gamble or even that they believe gambling is wrong/harmful to people/etc. Perhaps, but a free country is not a free country when the government decides what its citizens can and can’t do with their own money for entertainment. To say nothing of the hypocrisy involved considering that EVERY state in the Union is already in the gaming business in the form of the state lotteries.

It’s ok for the states to take money from little old ladies, but it’s not ok for you to play poker on line, even if you want to and even if you pay taxes on your winnings. Glad to know my government which can’t balance its budget, can’t protect its borders and can’t pay its bills  is on top of the important stuff. We wouldn’t want Americans to be having any fun, would we.

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