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Media Says Obama is “Like GOD”

Are you still clinging to that fantasy that the media is an unbiased neutral entity just providing the country with the facts and letting the citizenry make up its own mind? I hate to burst your bubble, but check out this clip from MSNBC’s Hardball (yeah, hard ball, right!)  in which Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek magazine says that, “Obama is like God”. As if that weren’t enough, listen carefully as Chris Matthews gets in a quick, “uh-huh” in agreement.

That’s some hard hitting journalism there Chris. Someone just came on your “news” program and called the President “God” and all you could muster was  a grunt of agreement. I’m just speculating here, but had someone come on the program and said the same thing about President Bush, I can almost guarantee you’d have had a coronary on the spot!

Often when the subject of media bias comes up, the left will bring up Fox News as if one right leaning media entity outweighs every other television station, newspaper, magazine, etc. First, one can’t possibly offset hundreds, and perhaps more to the point, I dare someone to say with a straight face that a Fox News anchor would have allowed a guest to go unchallenged if he/she had been juvenille enough to come on the air and call a Republican President “God”.

Media bias is clearly present and if anything becoming more extreme today. When you’re looking for it (on the right or the left) keep this in mind… A good journalist tells you the story without you being able to determine what they think about it. When’s the last time that happened?

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