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What Happens When the Government Teat Runs Dry?

Things like this…

and this…

What are these violent protests about? The Greek government is bankrupt, and the European Union and the International Monetary Fund are going to bail them out to the tune of $968 billion (your welcome). As a stipulation to that bailout, those organizations are demanding that the Greek government cut its out of control expenditures – namely exorbitant pay to government workers (half of all people employed in Greece are employed by the government!) This makes perfect sense; after all, it is the current level of spending that got Greece into this mess, so why would anyone loan them money if they planned to keep spending at these levels? But the government workers and their unions don’t want to hear it. They expect the mother’s milk of government dollars to keep flowing forever. Socialism has trained them to look to their government for their survival rather than to themselves, and they are terrified at the prospect of even the slightest reduction in their allotted handouts.

This scene is coming to America, and it’s coming soon! Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” That has happened in Greece, and it will happen here. Moody’s Investor Service has recently said that U.S. could lose its AAA credit rating as soon as 2013 if current trends continue. The welfare spending, cushy government pensions, union protected government jobs with exorbitant benefits, bailouts for homeowners who make stupid buying decisions, unemployment benefit extensions to two years and beyond… it’s all going away when the Government teat runs dry. When that happens we will have tens of millions of American citizens with no idea how to care for themselves or function in a real world, and they will quite literally go bezerk like their government dependent cousins in Greece.

The next time someone tells you that conservatives are mean or don’t have compassion for their fellow man, remember Greece. It is not compassionate to create dependent citizens who know no other way to survive but to suckle at the government teat. That is perhaps the least compassionate thing a government can do, for it is a virtual certainty that eventually that teat will run dry.

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