Vote Here – No ID Required

Yesterday the Governor of North Carolina vetoed a bill requiring photo IDs be shown in order to vote.  This is the fourth such veto this year (Missouri, Minnesota and Montana are the other states) all by governors who happen to be Democrats. Now I simply must ask, why would anyone be against people identifying themselves in order to vote? We show a photo ID to fly. We show a photo ID to pay for goods and services via credit card or check. We show a  photo ID to rent a video at Blockbuster for goodness sake! But to do the most important thing we do as citizens… Nope, no ID required!

For years now I’ve been telling my local polling place, and my town clerk, that the third name registered to vote and listed as residing at my wife’s and my address is not valid. For years I’ve been ignored and the name remains on the rolls. But for the fact that one of my neighbors volunteers at the polling place and might notice me voting twice, I could easily vote as both myself and the other name listed. I could certainly get a friend to come and say he’s that person – he’d get a ballot, no questions asked. For the record, I live in Massachusetts and if you want to get a scolding from a police officer, there’s no easier way to do so than to go to a Massachusetts polling place and ask why people don’t have to show their ID. For some reason the establishment gets very upset when confronted on this issue.

When asked about their reasons for opposing such common sense legislation, the left cites the possible disenfranchisement of potential voters. Really? How many people do you know who are 18 or older and don’t have any ID? They don’t drive? Don’t fly? Don’t apply for credit? Don’t go to a bar or buy alcohol or cigarettes? Don’t carry ID to show police if necessary? Who would fit that description? Illegal immigrants maybe? Oh, now I get it!

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