Courts Poised To Right the Obamacare Wrong?

Is it possible? Could a branch of our government still have the common sense to save us from this humongous over-stepping of governmental authority? As reported in the LA Times today, it appears that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals may just do that. All 3 judges seemed to have real concerns about the government “forcing” citizens to purchase something saying things like, “I can’t find any case telling a private person they are compelled to purchase a product in the open market…” and, “If we uphold this, are there any limits?”

The answer, your Honor, is NO, there would be no limits! If a government can compel citizens to spend private money irregardless of their personal wishes, it can compel anything; it can take anything. This is what reasonable people have been saying since this insane piece of legislation was proposed. Legislation that could only have been passed by the circus that was the 111th Congress; a circus led fittingly by a clown, Nancy Pelosi.

How fortunate that there are three branches of government. The Executive and the Legislative have already proven they have absolutely no idea what they are doing, no scruples with regard to molesting the Constitution, nor what it means that we are a Democratic Republic. Hopefully the Judicial will come to the rescue. In this case, law-making is like baseball; 1 for 3 is not too bad.

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