Four in Ten Americans on Welfare

If I tell you that this post is in response to an article entitled, “Immigrant Households Have Higher Usage Rates of Welfare Programs than Native Households, Report Finds”, you might expect that I was going to rant about immigration and the drain those who come here for free handouts put on the system. Today, you’d be wrong.

The stunner in this article is not that fifty-seven percent of immigrant headed households are on at least one welfare program. No, the flabbergasting, shocking, horrifying stat that comes out of this article is that THIRTY-NINE PERCENT of “native households” participate in at least one welfare program!!!!

There is no hope for a society where more than 40% of the population is on the take from a government who can only continue to win favor by “giving” more and more. Folks, if I’ve left any doubt, let me be clear; WE ARE SCREWED!


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