Work for Welfare, What a Crazy Idea

Nothing like a budget crisis to get bureaucrats to actually use their heads. In today’s, “Well, yeah, duh!” moment, the New York Daily News reports, that NY City and the Mass Transit Authority have decided people who get welfare checks and/or unemployment benefits, should maybe do something to earn their hand-out. They are planning to put recipients to work cleaning subway cars in exchange for their money.

Imagine that, people actually earning their keep; what a novel concept. You don’t suppose people might be more likely to get a job when the government money stops being free do you? While we’re at it, I can think of some litter that needs picking up, some streets that need sweeping, some cemeteries that need mowing; I could go on all day. But don’t misunderstand, I’m not complaining; this is a nice first step. Congrats to those who proposed it.

Of course, good luck getting it through. I can already hear the City Councilor of minority descent calling it slavery or racism… or both.


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