Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York was perhaps the most aggressive and vitriolic supporter of Obamacare during the months-long debate on the bill. So, imagine my surprise when he announced that now, as a candidate for Mayor of New York City (Heaven help them!), he believes the city should seek a waiver from the legislation.

Ok, so liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds; that is not exactly news. But to scream and rant on the house floor in defense of the legislation and then 12 months later seek to take America’s largest city off the plan you just crammed down the throats of the American people who were adamantly against it; that’s a new low even for Rep. Weiner.

For those keeping track, there are now more than 1,250 organizations who have received exemptions from some or all of the legislations requirements (a complete list can be found here). Apparently Rep. Weiner has finally caught on to what all these organizations already knew; this one’s so bad, you’ve got to get out of it any way you can.


*A special note for those wondering where I’ve been for these past many months. In my first attempt to blog about these issues, I became too focused on writing style – trying to emmulate op-ed pieces and write lengthy entries. You probably don’t want to read something that long, and writing it became too much of a chore. My goal going forward will be to just speak my mind. Sometimes that will be short and sweet or even just a link and a comment; sometimes it will be more. I look forward to hearing what you think as it develops.

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