Newsflash, Arizona Doesn’t Border Mexico!

It is such a good thing that there is video footage of this, because without it, no one would believe a public official, in this case a Milwaukee County Supervisor, could possibly be this ignorant. Watch the video as Peggy West speaks in support of the City of Milwaukee boycotting Arizona. Her reasoning? Since Arizona doesn’t border Mexico it’s unreasonable of them to be complaining about a problem with too many illegals. Care to guess which party she’s with?

I assume that once she discovered her geographical error, having already committed herself that if a state like Texas that DID border Mexico felt this way, she would be compelled to reconsider her position, she voted against the boycott. Alas, that would be way too logical for someone this dense. I can only conclude with a sincere plea: If you are this stupid, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t run for public office; and to the electorate, if someone who couldn’t pass a 3rd grade geography quiz does manage to get on the ballot, in the name of all that is holy, don’t vote for them!


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