Was the Tin Foil Hat Crowd Right All Along?

As it snows today in Houston Texas (the earliest snow storm in the cities entire recorded weather history) and we go on day 14 of a near total television news blackout of the climate-gate story, I am left to wonder if perhaps the conspiracy theorists were right all along. Is the global warming science a fraud? Are the scientists purporting it, and the politicians enacting policy based on it, and the corporations making money off of it all working together to deceive the world’s population for their own monetary and/or power gains? What seemed insane to suggest three weeks ago now seems entirely possible.

For those who aren’t aware (I’ve been dismayed to learn that a vast number of otherwise educated acquaintances have heard nothing of this story) the global warming theorists were caught in an extremely compromising position two weeks ago. The University of East Anglia’s (UEA) Climate Research Unit (CRU), the world’s foremost authority on historic temperature data, has admitted throwing away the raw temperature data on which their claims of global warming were based. In addittion, emails between the CRU’s director and other prominent global warming scientists around the world were uncovered and displayed a pattern of cover-up and subterfuge aimed at making their “science” appear genuine while discrediting anyone who dared posit a differing viewpoint.

Wondering why you haven’t heard about this? You’re not alone. Two weeks into this story, reminiscent of the ACORN prostitution story, the network news refuses to cover it, the New York Times lead environmental reporter won’t print the emails because they were “stolen” (can you imagine the Times taking such a moral stand if Dick Cheney’s email was hacked?) and the politicians want to investigate the email “thief” rather than the scientific scandal that may have cost the world’s taxpayers trillions of dollars in non-scientific science and environmental initiatives.

A cursory read of just a few of these emails leads to the immediate conclusion that these individuals are not scientists. In fact, they sound and act more like religious or political zealots than open-minded seekers of irrefutable truth as true scientists are. They believe in their cause and will do anything to move it forward including manipulating data and squashing any opposition. Meanwhile the politicians, namely Al Gore, tell us that the time for debate is past, global warming is a fact and we’re running out of time to fix it. NBC’s entire family of channels broadcasts environmental awareness programming under the heading “green week” on such a regular basis it would be easier to label the off weeks “non-green-week” (interestingly NBC is owned by GE – likely to benefit substantially from tougher environmental standards with its turbine manufacturing operations – is there any chance they have ulterior motives for this programming?).

I don’t think of myself as a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think there are alien spaceships in Area 51. I believe America really did land on the moon in 1969. And, I don’t believe George Bush allowed 9/11 to happen. But after the events of the past two weeks, when it comes to climate change, it looks like I’m going to need to get out my tin foil hat.

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