Justice Dept. Says Democratic Voters Need Help Voting

In a stunning admission of their low opinion of their voting base’s intelligence, the Obama administration and its Justice Department admitted that their constituency is incapable of voting without the assistance of party affiliations on the ballot. With irony laced corruption so blatant it almost defies belief the Justice Department overruled the people of Kinston, North Carolina who voted overwhelmingly to do away with the party affiliation designation on the ballot. In doing so, Obama’s Justice Dept. has admitted that their constituency is too stupid to find and vote for the Democrat on the ballot without a “D” next to his or her name. Perhaps more intriguing is the thought that they appear to be suggesting that this same constituency lacked the intelligence to understand the question when they voted overwhelmingly to do away with the designations.

If you’re like me, you probably find it extremely unnerving that the federal Justice Department has the time and the inclination to involve itself in town elections law. Even more disturbing is the disgraceful justification they provide for their actions. Citing racial equality the Justice Department said partisan designations were necessary for black voters to elect their “candidates of choice”. In what possible way is it discriminatory against a particular group to remove party affiliations of all parties from the ballot? Notice the Justice Department did not suggest this action was discriminatory against Republicans, Caucasians, or any other group; further illustrating that they seem to believe the Democrats and/or the black voters of Kinston, North Carolina are lagging behind their Republican neighbors in intelligence.

It seems the Obama administration, and Democrats in general, are wise to the fact that they cannot win elections without the un-educated, uncommitted, partisan voter. A voter who will be rendered useless if party affiliations were removed from the ballot. This is disappointing as I have long contended that the ideal way to return America’s elections to genuine contests decided by informed voters would be to remove the party affiliation from all candidates at all levels on every ballot. No more walking into the voting booth and simply checking off all the names  with a “D” next to them or all the names with an “R” next to them. Instead, voters would have to know who they were voting for and presumably, why. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear this Justice Department or this administration is interested in fair elections where they would actually have to earn their votes.

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