Obama Like Energizer Bunny – Just Keeps Talking and Talking

Enough already! Have we not reached the saturation point for Presidential exposure over the past few months? Everywhere one turns these days, there he is, selling us something. Obama speaking to factory workers, Obama speaking to Congress, the Obamas on vacation. Recently the NY Times pointed out that as of August, the President had done 114 official interviews, compared to 37 by George W. Bush and 41 by Bill Clinton at similar points in their Presidential terms. This is in addition to the mountains of ‘candid’ interview moments walking in and out of meetings, walking the dog, playing golf, etc.

To be honest, it’s not entirely the President’s fault. Once upon a time there was a group of watchdogs in Washington known as the Press Corps who might have called him on the over-the-top nature of his behavior. Alas, the Main Stream Media has turned in their press credentials in exchange for official membership in the Obama Fan Club. To watch them ‘work’ you would think they were members of the Paparazzi and the Obamas were Brad and Angelina.

Today we’re told the President will perform another pair of firsts in his never ending, megalomaniacal quest to convince every last American of his presidentialness and their undying love for him. First, on Sunday, he will appear on all five morning talk shows on the same day! Then, on Monday, he will make the first appearance ever by a sitting U.S. President on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman. Never mind that Presidents historically have declined these kind of appearances as beneath the dignity of the office. Never mind that he is running out of things to say. Never mind that we’re all sick of looking at him. He presses on; convinced he can make us all agree with him if he just keeps talking long enough. Frankly, Mr. President, as any decent used car salesman will tell you, if you have to sell it this hard, you’re selling a lemon. (As the owner of Government Motors shouldn’t you know this?).

What Mr. Obama is learning, albeit very slowly, is that the Presidency is nothing like the campaign and his ability to talk well, while a neat party trick, is no longer enough. Now is when he needs to stop talking and use all his wisdom derived from his vast political experience… oh wait, that’s not going to work.

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