Oops, He Did It Again!

Perhaps this entry should more accurately be entitled, “Oops, They Did It Again!” since by a rough count this makes the 9th significant figure within the Democratic party to be caught cheating on their financial reports and/or taxes in the past 6 months, including SIX nominees of the Obama administration. But for today let’s focus on Representative Charlie Rangel (D – NY) who according to the New York Post has now admitted to failing to report to Congress $1.3 million in income and $3 million more in business transactions during the years 2002-2006.

The gut-wrenchingly hilarious irony is that Representative Rangel is the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and is therefore… wait for it… in charge of writing U.S. tax law. The man is cheating at the very rules he is responsible for writing and then claiming ignorance as a defense. One question that comes immediately to mind is if Chairman Rangel can’t seem to figure out the complicated tax code, how in the world is one of his poor constituents supposed to understand it and comply?

Of course, if the average citizen does fail to understand it and comply, he or she will pay huge penalties and interest at a minimum and risks jail time if the IRS decides the mistake was intentional, but good ol’ Charlie isn’t going to jail. Nope, instead, he gets to keep his Chairmanship writing tax law and his job for which the American taxpayers pay him $158,000 per year plus expenses.

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