Anything Bad, Blame Him – Anything Good, Thank Me

Today in the White House Rose Garden President Obama claimed that his administration has saved the US economy from ‘catastrophe’. Hallelujah we’re saved! Yes, I am laughing hysterically as I type that. Along with his gigantic ego problem this President seems to also have a memory problem. You see, just 7 days ago, Mr. Obama once again trotted out his pitiful “blame my predecessor” defense coupled with the almost as weak, “this is going to take a long time to fix”. Members of his administration went on the Sunday morning talk shows and told us flat out that this was still President Bush’s economy. They told us that only a tiny, tiny fraction of the Obama stimulus package had been spent (one might ask why since it passed 5 months ago, but let’s not trifle). Now, a mere 7 days later, and while 9.4% of the U.S. population is unemployed and state and federal governments are running huge unsustainable deficits, Mr. Obama has decided everything is all better now.

Ok, he didn’t go quite that far, but his position and his audacity is no less prepostorous. I wonder what he’ll say next week if the jobs report or other economic news isn’t quite so upbeat? I wonder how many more times the American people will let him get away with blaming the other guy for bad news and taking credit for all the good news?


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