Congress Again Plays Robin Hood

Once again Congress is bribing some Americans using money stolen (okay taxed, but what’s the difference?) from other Americans. Democrats have decided they know best what cars their fellow citizens should be driving and want to manipulate the people’s behavior in their chosen direction. [On a side note, where is manipulate in the Constitution? I can’t find it.] Tuesday the House voted to provide $4 billion so that anyone who turns in a gas guzzler and buys a new car can get a $4500 rebate from Uncle Sam.

First, Democrats ripped off the shareholders and debt holders of GM and seized 83% ownership of General Motors using money they stole from the American taxpayer (well, actually the American taxpayer’s grandchildren, but that’s  another story) and now their trying to rescue our $50 billion they poured into a dead company by ‘stimulating’ GM’s sales with more stolen funds.

But the greatest travesty here is the injustice of these kinds of measures. If your neighbor buys a new car or truck this year and the new vehicle gets 10 mpg better than their previous one, they get $4500 of your money and mine toward the purchase, no other strings attached. If the new auto gets just 4-9 mpg better than the old one they still get $3500 from our crazy Uncle Sam. Many Americans (estimates are around 9 million) were already going to buy a car this year and will now get a nice bonus courtesy of their fellow Americans for doing something they were already going to do. The hope is that this legislation will generate more sales, but how many more and will those additional sales be worth it?

Who loses in the end? The same taxpaying citizens who always lose. Those who listened to the politicians, the talking heads, or more likely, their own common sense and got out of gas guzzling autos  in the last few years will once again be paying extra taxes so that others, who did not make good choices, can get a $4500 gift. Yet another example of Congress stealing from some and giving to others. Does no one see the injustice of a government behaving this way?

House passes cash for clunkers to boost new car sales – Jun. 9, 2009.

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