If Only Stupidity Could Save the Environment

First it was plasma televisions that California legislators were trying to ban for their whopping energy usage (turns out they actually use less energy than a coffee maker) and now the state is looking at banning black cars in their latest imbecilic attempt to save the environment one moronic piece of legislation at a time. That’s right, a government in the “free” United States of America is considering telling its citizens what color their car is allowed to be.

The reasoning is (I can’t believe I am giving this idiocy the respect of explaining the reasoning) that black cars get hotter than other colors and therefore require more energy to air condition. Okay, how much more energy? What impact will this change have? Or, here’s one for you, if I agree to buy the car without an AC unit, can I still get a black one? How about if I move to California from Oregon and I own a black car, am I allowed to register it in the state or must I get rid of it before moving? GIVE ME A BREAK!

It is exactly this kind of juvenile, near-sited thinking that has led California to become the least business or consumer friendly state in the Union and, not coincidentally, the state in the worst financial health during this difficult time. Perhaps the politicians in California would be better served spending their time working on solutions to their massive budget crisis.


In another fit of environmentally driven lunacy, this time on the opposite coast, the Maine legislature passed a bill this week requiring manufacturers of energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs to pay for the recycling of used bulbs to the tune of $1 per bulb (of course, while the legislators may kid themselves, we know that the consumer will actually be the one footing this bill). Why is this necessary you ask? Because these bulbs that are supposed to save the environment from the dangerous incandescent light bulb, CONTAIN TOXIC MERCURY. That’s right, the same pollutant that’s been poisoning our fish and that many believe is a contributing factor to the alarmingly increased rates of autism in our children – now this seems like a great product to put in little glass containers and place all over our homes, doesn’t it?



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3 responses to “If Only Stupidity Could Save the Environment

  1. dave1r

    Eh. We’re all going to end up eating global warming hot apple pie. http://apocalypsecakes.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/global-warming-hot-apple-pie/

  2. April Faulkner

    So I guess that means that soon people won’t be able to wear black either, which means more people suffering from heat stroke, thus insurance companies will be charged thousands when all of said people are hospitalized??

  3. KAC

    A black compact car would not take more energy to cool than a full-size car. Maybe they should only ban large black cars.. heck why stop there, cars with dark interiors take longer to cool than cars with black leather. Maybe we should ban that too, maybe we can get Peta involved and they can ban leather interiors. Oh.. and maybe they should also …ban driving with your windows down because that causes to you get less gas mileage. Why stop there? I could go on for hours.
    Oh and you probably use more energy driving the stupid poison bulbs to the recycle center than you saved in energy.

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