No, I Will Not ‘Be Exceedingly Careful’

Robert Gibbs is the one who needs to “be exceedingly careful” with what he says. Press Secretaries are supposed to answer questions on behalf of the White House not give ultimatums to critics of White House policy, judicial appointments or anything else. His outrageous comment today is intimidation politics of the worst kind, and something that is becoming all too familiar in this White House and by Democrats in general over the last 20 years. When they don’t like what their opponent is saying (or might say) the strategy they employ is to make the opponent look like a radical or worse to marginalize their view point. Don’t believe me; Miss California was absolutely crucified for having the exact same view point as BARRACK OBAMA!

Now Mr. Gibbs advises those opposed to Judge Sotomayor’s appointment to “Be exceedingly careful”. We’re sorry Mr. Gibbs, but part of the process of being nominated for the cabinet, the federal bench and certainly for the Supreme Court is that you get grilled in every conceivable way. Sometimes that process isn’t pretty or politically correct, and if Gibbs and this White House don’t realize that, they are even less experienced than we thought.

These appointments are for life, and the 9 people on that bench literally hold the country’s future in their hands. If Judge Sotomayor isn’t up to that challenge then she had better do us all a favor and withdraw right now. If she is up to it, then Robert Gibbs should shut up, read the news, and let the political process run its course.

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