If you didn’t happen to catch this Washington Times article on Thursday, you are probably going to find this incredibly hard to believe. President Obama has somehow managed to nominate ANOTHER criminal for a key position in his cabinet. This latest criminal, Ronald Sims, was found by the Washington State Supreme Court to have intentionally withheld critical financial documents from the taxpayers of Seattle. Where does Mr. Obama find these people? Are there no law-abiding citizens available to work in this administration? I’m told there are several million people out of work these days; surely a handful of them must have clean criminal records.

Mr. Obama nominated Mr. Sims as the top deputy at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) just three weeks after the court’s ruling, which harshly and repeatedly criticized Mr. Sims’ office for its conduct during a 12-year legal fight.

If confirmed, Mr. Sims would help manage billions of federal dollars set aside for building, maintaining and operating public housing inside a government agency with a history of misspending and corruption. A Senate committee last week forwarded Mr. Sims’ nomination to the full Senate without asking the nominee a single question.

Three weeks after the Supreme Court of Washington clearly delineates Mr. Sims lack of character and judgement, President Obama decides he’s a great choice for a key administration position. Nope, no arrogance here. Another crook in Washington is not, in and of itself a story; after all, it’s practically a prerequisite to gain residence in our capitol city, but the realization that the Obama administration can not seem to nominate anyone who isn’t a criminal is starting to become a little disturbing.


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  1. KAC

    I tried to write something 3 times and…. well… I’m speechless…

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