Do You Believe Your Own Theory or Not Al?

If Al Gore believes so strongly in his global warming theory (and make no mistake, it is nothing more than a theory!) then why are he and House Democrats afraid to openly debate the subject? After inviting Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Thatcher, to testify alongside the former Vice President, Democrats chickened out. When Lord Monckton’s flight from England landed in the U.S. this morning he was told he’d been scratched from the witness list. Gee guys, thanks for the notice!

It seems odd to this humble citizen that these progressive, open-minded, tolerant individuals in the majority would not want to hear an opposing view, of which there are many, before they begin re-writing the entire U.S. energy policy based on Gore’s imaginary science. Of course, as we’ve seen, they are only progressive, open-minded and tolerant when you agree with them. Just ask Miss California!

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