The Dinosaurs Must Have Been Driving Hummers!

Now with a title like that you are probably thinking, “He has lost it this time”, but I promise, the marbles are still in there. A new study published in the journal Nature shows that the oceans rose as much as 3 meters in a matter of decades the last time the Earth was between ice ages. It goes on to predict the same fate could befall us in the coming years with devastating consequences to coastal areas.

So, call me crazy, but here is my question… Were the Dinosaurs driving too many Hummers? Did they have too many coal powered electric plants? Perhaps they weren’t recycling their plastic bottles? Maybe it was that they left lights on when they weren’t in the room or that their plasma television used too much electricity?

For those who stumbled upon this post and don’t understand sarcasm 101, let me spell it out for you. Al Gore and friends claim we are killing our planet by driving cars, heating homes, not recycling, etc. Funny thing though, it turns out this global warming thing has happened before. Now here’s the catch – human beings were not even on the planet! Think about that, let it really sink in; it happened without us! Like the Grinch said when he tried to steal Christmas, “It came, it came just the same!”

One hundred and twenty thousand years ago, the earth’s ice caps melted, and its oceans rose. This was followed by an ice age which ended with the most recent warming cycle which we are now living in. All of this happened without any influence from mankind. So the next time someone gives you a dirty look for throwing away a plastic bottle, just tell them you’re pretty sure T-Rex didn’t drive an H1.


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2 responses to “The Dinosaurs Must Have Been Driving Hummers!

  1. Linda Plourde

    I’ll give you that. But I do think there is reason
    for concern re: the crazy cocktail of chemicals,
    manufacturing by-products and other “gunk”
    that we are spewing into our rivers, land, water
    table, etc. Would you agree that this issue of
    mis-appropriation of our resources does need to
    be addressed?

    • MAC

      Yes, we should be careful with the environment and our planet’s resources. My complaint is that we’re being sold a bill of goods by the environmentalists and the media without anyone bothering to actually prove their claims and theories.

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