Big Brother Is After Your TV Next!

In yet another sign that all levels of government in this country have come completely unhinged from their faculties, the state of California is considering banning the sale of televisions that use, in their humble estimation too much electricity. The result would be the elimination of most models over 40 inches. Talk about lacking Common Sense!

First, let’s talk some facts. According to the federal government’s own website the typical flat screen television uses a whopping 120 watts per hour. By contrast a household coffee maker can use as much as 1200 watts per hour. Yes, making the morning coffee and watching ten hours of television are roughly equivalent in their energy consumption! Apparently, the California Energy Commission hasn’t learned to read, or use Google, or both; because it took less than three minutes for me to learn this. I should be careful – they’ll be after my morning cup o’ joe next.

No less maddening is the obvious fact that this government action is utterly unenforceable. Do the geniuses on this commission not think that California residents know how to order the TV of their choice via the internet, or failing that to drive across state lines and make their purchase? Are they naive enough to not understand that enterprising individuals will drive to neighboring states, buy a dozen banned televisions and return to California to sell them? The end result will simply be further erosion of sales tax revenues for a state already in deep financial trouble.

Of course, this doesn’t even address the rampant over-governing of an action like this. Coming into American homes and telling people what appliances they can and can’t own. Where does this slippery slope lead? Will Americans be washing their dishes and clothes by hand in the name of global warming? Or maybe we shouldn’t wash them at all to conserve water!

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One response to “Big Brother Is After Your TV Next!

  1. Linda Plourde

    Amen! This idiocy continues to encourage the
    truest form of “socialism”; namely, that all our
    actions should be decided “collectively” – for the
    “good” of everyone. This at the expense of
    “each and every one”!

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