The Campaign Is Over Mr. President

This week the White House began airing a TV commercial trying to pressure Congress into enacting the President’s irresponsible budget. This follows a door knocking campaign last weekend by Obama’s post-election, grassroots lobbying group, Organizing for America.

On a side note, if the sitting President, with HUGE majorities in both houses of Congress, has to lobby this hard to get his agenda through, the American people really ought to ask themselves why!!!

Of course, it’s not unheard of for a President to campaign for a policy change he believes in; Presidents have been doing it for decades now. But, campaigning has always meant making speeches either around the country or, if the issue is a high enough priority, going on television to make his case.  The hope being that the people will respond positively and put pressure on their representatives in Washington to support the policy.

That’s politics. However, these recent actions take the country in a dangerous direction.  One in which the campaigning never stops and the divisions in our society that crop up every four years never heal over.  In our system, people are of course free to campaign for what they believe in. Our country was founded by citizens campaigning for their beliefs, but when the President is sitting on Pennsylvania Avenue directing foot soldiers (make no mistake they consider this a war) to knock on your door and tell you what you should think… Well, that’s a slippery slope if ever there’s been one.


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