Excuses, Excuses

Our nation faces a crucial time in its history and our President keeps making excuses. He seems more concerned with protecting himself from blame and/or lowering expectations for what he and his administration will accomplish than he is with actually solving the dilemma. His two favorite excuses are that he inherited the current situation and that he has been in office for such a short period of time.  I’m sorry but neither of these excuses hold water.

I’m making a rule; effective immediately, no politician is ever again allowed to blame his or her predecessor for the present situation.  What gives me the authority to institute this rule?  Absolutely nothing except that I am a citizen and a taxpayer and as such I’m tired of my time and money being wasted by this useless exercise.  Every time a new administration takes over or a new party takes control of the Congress they spend the first couple years of their tenure blaming everything that goes wrong on their predecessor.  How does this help the American people?  The truth is that it’s never this simple either, but they count on the lack of Common Sense of the average voter and they know they can fool a lot of people with this drivel.

But back to the present situation… Mr. Obama would like to blame his predecessor for our present set of circumstances.  Does Mr. Bush share some of the responsibility?  Of course.  But the causes of the current economic situation go back DECADES covering at least 5 Presidential administrations and 16 sessions of Congress.  Democrats were in charge, Republicans were in charge, but to blame any one politician or even one party is juvenile and the President knows it.  He does it anyway because there are enough senseless people out there who will swallow it hook, line and sinker and will even ignorantly regurgitate it when their friend or co-worker dares to question Mr. Obama.

Bottom line, I don’t care who is to blame – not right now and not as it relates to how the American people should judge the performance of this White House.  President Obama ran a campaign of ludicrous over-the-top promises (as most politicians do today) claiming he was going to solve our problems – remember “Hope and Change”?  So, you promised Mr. President, time for you to deliver and I really don’t care what you inherited.  See, that’s the job.  Maybe you didn’t realize that due to your much over-looked utter inexperience, but President of the United States is where the buck stops!

The second excuse, that of how short a time he’s been in office, is even more outrageous than the first and extremely disingenuous.  President Obama was a U.S. Senator for the last 4 years, remember (you better, that was the grand total of his experience before becoming leader of the free world).  His run for President started more than two years ago and he had a responsibility while running for office to stay abreast of the issues.  After all, he was running for the job of handling these issues, was he not?  Lastly and perhaps most important for everyone to remember, the transition from the Bush to the Obama administration was the most transparent and inclusive in history.  The Obama team has had a “seat at the table” since mid-November.

Put down the excuses, Mr. President, and get to work.  You’ll succeed or you’ll fail, but stop trying to set the stage in case things don’t go your way.  America doesn’t have any time for that.

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One response to “Excuses, Excuses

  1. AHHhhhhh!

    I think when I start a new job in the future, I’m going to tell my boss for the first couple years that my inablitly to succeed is due to the previous person that held the position. I bet that he/she will understand right???

    I couldn’t agree with you more…

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